Helping Couples Reconnect

“Attack the issues, not each other”

How important is your relationship to you?

Most would agree that the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life. If everyone wants a great relationship, why do so few people have one? Do you?

Did you start off in your relationship hoping this is the one?

The love of your life? Your soulmate?

Were you so blinded by your desire that you didn’t notice the “red flags” alerting you that something may be wrong?

Did you stay in the infatuation stage, ignore the red flags, get engaged or married, possibly have children—and then see the “red flags”?

Do you now feel that your partner doesn’t see you, hear you, understand you, make you a priority or even love you? Does your partner tell you, “You’re too sensitive” or “You never listen to me”?

Have you been arguing over the same problems for so long that you just accept them as part of your life?

Have you become more roommates than partners?

Do you desperately wish things were different?

Do you stop asking for your needs to be met, push them so far down inside you that you become the “disappearing woman/man”? So that you don’t even know who you are any more.

Do you settle and tell yourself this is as good as it’s ever going to be? That this isn’t so bad?

Do you stay because of the children? As long as their needs are met, yours don’t matter anymore?

Do you give up?

OR Do you reach out and ask for help, which is the opposite of giving up?

Work With Me

I can teach you how to:

• Rediscover your needs

• Ask for what you want so that you will be heard (possibly for the first time).

• Fight fair, and solve problems as a team.

• Disagree, without contempt (the relationship killer).

• Repair afterwards, making your bond even stronger.

• Discover & get clear of resentments from your past that are sabotaging your relationship today.

• Not act out when triggered.

• Discover what you can do to improve your relationship, without changing your partner.

• Be your authentic selves again.

• And so much more…

Let me help you reconnect as loving partners, and get the love and support you both deserve.


My years of coaching couples has taught me that a couple is not just one entity, but also a relationship between two individuals. My approach is to first talk with each individual separately to:

• Help you define your relationship (what do you want it to be?)

• Avoid having the same fight in session that you’ve had dozens of times before at home

• Determine if both individuals even agree on what the relationship problems actually are

• Resolve individual issues that can contribute to problems in the relationship

Additional benefits of meeting separately include:

• More Freedom to Share – Many couples don’t want to say something in a couples session that will hurt their partner’s feelings or blame them for all the problems

• Share Uninterrupted- Meeting individually eliminates the tendency for partners to interrupt or talk over each other during emotional discussions

• Determine Individual Needs- Individuals need to know what their own non-negotiable needs are, before they can communicate them to their partner so they can be met

• Allows Proper Guidance- Hearing your thoughts individually allows me to learn more about you and your needs, discover what’s not working for you, and develop relevant direction and guidance to help you heal.

Couples Coaching is always complex, because every individual is unique and therefore every couple is unique. That is why it is crucial to get to know the couples as individuals before meeting in together couples sessions.

We all know no couple is perfect. All couples fight. One major difference between happy couples and unhappy couples is how they fight, and how they repair (if they do) after the fight. When saying “sorry” is not enough.

My Couples Coaching is not designed to be one hour per week where you point out each other’s flaws and argue profusely. It is designed to bring out the best in you and your partner and have you work on your issues “as a TEAM”. You will learn, “How are WE going to solve this problem?”

Approaching problems as a team will strengthen your bond and greatly improve the quality of your relationship.


Whether you’ve just started dating, are thinking of getting engaged, are already engaged, or have been married for many years and just want to reconnect with your partner, you can make your relationship even better by learning new Relationship Skills.

Contact me today to see how I can help you and your relationship.